Corporate Self Storage Plan - Exclusive Plan for Company Client

Even in our digital world Metro Storage understands many companies still need physical storage for documents, business records, and annual tax application purposes. But in Hong Kong, this can be difficult with the lack of space and high rent. Metro Storage has tailor-made corporate mini storage plans for all types of businesses — helping you store your documents safely. securely and with access to them 24/7. With locations across Hong Kong, your documents will never be far away. We are also the FIRST mini storage to get the official safety approval from FSD – 100% fully complied with the latest FSD regulation and requirements (Chai Wan Store 2 — REF: (261) in FP 16/16462 HE (AH7) 07-Aug-2018 / Fo Tan Flagship Store — REF: (41) in FP 16/19620TS(ST(III) (654453) 04-Oct-2018). The new stores are also following the approved spec. to build. We do care about your stuff!


Free Pick-up Service *

We understand you have many documents that need to be stored and it might be an inconvenience to you to bring them here yourself. So we offer a one-time FREE pick-up service to help you move your documents from your office to our storage location.


Sizes to suit every company

No matter how many documents you have, Metro Storage has a storage size to fit every company.


Fire rated storage unit **

To ensure your documents are completely sage, we are one of the only Storage companies in Hong Kong to offer fire-rated storage units for your corporate plan – all units are 100% FSD compliant.


Long-term rental fee discount ***

To thank you for your support, we offer special discounts for long-term rental clients.


24/7 constant temperature

In a humid climate such as Hong Kong’s temperature is one of the most important factors when storing any documents. The documents will easily get damaged if they are stored in uncontrolled environments. Therefore, all of our Metro Storage stores offer 24/7 constant temperature environments to make sure your documents stay in mint condition.


Staffed Locations

Between 9am – 6pm you can find a customer service representative in each of our mini storages to assist you if you need any help. You can also message us through Whatsapp 24/7.


Marketing Partnership ^

We have a wide range of customers in our database and it is an opportunity for you to broaden your business. You can promote your business through our Metro storage facebook fan page, website and on-site without any charge.


24/7 Smart Card Access

Suddenly need documents in from your storage unit? No problem. You can access your unit 24/7 365 days a year by using our smart access card.


High Security System

Each mini storage has numerous state of the art CCTV for monitoring the stores’ activity 24/7. Your documents will be stored safely with us.

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* Need to reach $15,000 total contract amount to get no more than $1,000 free pick-up service fee (customer need to pay the extra cost). Customer needs to use the designated supplier to enjoy this free service.
** Long-term means 12 months or more contract period
*** Fire-rated storage units only available in the selected area
^ The promotion does not include any paid advertising

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